For nearly 50 years, Hypertherm’s objective has been to deliver the world’s finest cutting products and solutions that help give shape to our customers’ vision. Our entire team of Associate owners is inspired by you to help shape a positive future of innovation,  partnership and community that is full of possibility.


Hypertherm Powermax 30 Air

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Despite its small size, the Powermax30® AIR delivers big performance. The smallest, lightest handheld plasma cutting system in its class, it includes its own built-in air compressor, so you can use the Powermax30 AIR anywhere there’s single-phase power. Just plug it in, attach the work clamp and you’re ready to cut.

Cutting with 120 V input power

The maximum recommended output of 20 A, the cut capacities are:

3 mm (10 gauge) at 762 mm/min (30 ipm)
6 mm (1/4″) at 355 mm/min (14 ipm)
10 mm (3/8″) at 125 mm/min (5 ipm)

Hypertherm Powermax 45XP

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Hypertherm Powertmax 45XP

Available in 240v or 425v

Easy-to-use with versatile design

  • Small size and light weight provides exceptional portability for a 5/8″ rated cutting system.
  • Handheld and mechanized usage with CNC interface and FastConnectTM torch connection.
  • Patented drag-cutting technology makes it easy to use – even for rst-time operators.
  • Tackle different jobs with multiple, easy-to-use torch styles.
  • No need to change the air pressure. Smart SenseTM technology ensures that it is always correctly set.
  • Mark, score and make precision gouges with new low amp process.Maximum productivity
  • Finish jobs faster with cut speeds one and a half times greater than oxyfuel on 1/4″ mild steel.
  • Spend less time on grinding and edge preparation due to superior cut and gouge quality.
  • Fast change out of consumables using the new torch disable switch feature.Rugged and reliable
  • Duramax® Lock torches are designed for high-impact and heat resistance.
  • SpringStartTM technology ensures consistent starting and a more reliable torch.
  • Hypertherm Certified TM reliability ensures performance in the most demanding environment.



Hypertherm Powermax 65

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The Powermax65® plasma system is a versatile tool for heavy-duty cutting and gouging in demanding environments. Designed to maximize uptime and productivity, the system offers the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure. With a variety of Duramax™ torch styles, operators can easily select exactly the right tool for the job: hand cutting or gouging, portable automation, X-Y table, and robotic cutting or gouging.

Hypertherm Powermax 105

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The Powermax105® plasma system has the duty cycle and performance needed for tough industrial cutting and gouging jobs. Delivering superior cut capabilities on 32 mm (1-1/4″) thick metals, it also offers the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure. Seven Duramax™ torch styles provide versatility for hand cutting, portable automation, X-Y table cutting, and robotic cutting and gouging.


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