With a history dating back over 60 years, British made Oxford welding machines are internationally renowned as one of the best in the industry. Oxford machines are used & trusted in over 100 countries around the world. They are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a very long life span & excellent welding performance. In the last few years we have put in considerable resources to develop our product range to incorporate some of the very latest technology & materials without losing the no nonsense old fashioned engineering approach that Oxford products are renowned for.


OXFORD S-Mig Seperate Welding Machines

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S-MIG 410-3 + S-MIG 4×4 4 roll feeder + 5M intercom 415v

  • Supply Voltage 400V
  • Welding Range (amps) 40-410
  • Duty cycle -60% @ 350 amps
  • Duty cycle -45% @ 400 amps
  • Voltage Steps 30
  • Fuse rating slow blow 16/20A
  • Min generator size* 10KVA
  • Weight approx 115kg
  • Wire Feed S-MIG 4×4
  • Mig wire range 0.6-1.6mm
  • Inductance Settings 2
  • Torch trigger latching Standard
  • Work lead (earth) 3M
  • Mains input lead 3M rubber
  • Intercon lead length 5M Standard

OXFORD Migmaker Compact Welding Machines

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Oxford 330-3 Migmaker Compact Welding Machine 415v

  • Supply Voltage 400V
  • Welding range (amps) 20-330
  • Duty cycle -35% @ 330 amps
  • Duty cycle -60% @ 250 amps
  • Voltage Steps 20
  • Mig wire range 0.6-1.2mm
  • Fuse rating slow blow 16A
  • Min generator size* 7KVA
  • Size app (ex rear wheels) 350Wx720Lx650H
  • Weight approx 80kg
  • British Built


OXFORD Tigmaker 250E DC

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TIGMaker 250E dual voltage 230/400V

Supply Voltage 400 / 230V
Input fuse (slow)* 16A / 32A
Welding Range (amps) 5-250A DC
Duty cycle -35% @ 250 amps
Duty cycle -60% @ 200 amps
Min generator rating* 4.5kva
Size app (ex ext hardware) 260Wx520Lx420mm H
Weight approx 33kg

Main features & functions all TIGMaker DC models

  • Super smooth stable arc from 5 amps upwards.
  • Instant arc starting every time you press the torch switch.
  • Electronic pulse HF (IT friendly so doesn’t affect your PC & phones etc).
  • Up slope & down slope controls for perfect weld starts & finishes.
  • Post flow gas control for contamination free finishes.
  • 2T standard torch trigger & 4T torch trigger latching.
  • MMA arc welding function welds all rods including cellulosic 6010 etc.
  • Digital meter shows preset A then precise A when welding for EN1090 etc.
  • Remote socket to accept foot control or torch amps control etc.
  • Very simple to set up & use, anyone can use it in seconds.
  • Built in automatic compensation for varying supply & long cables.
  • Dual voltage input 110V/230V or 230/400V (200E) or 230V/400V on 250E (400V 3~ on 300E)
  • Generator friendly design (even unstable generators are no problem).
  • Very efficient design to minimise power consumption.
  • Suitable for use inside or outside (site welding etc) (IP23S rating).



OXFORD Cutmaker 350 Plasma Machine

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CUTMAKER 350 230V single phase

CUTMAKER 350 Dual voltage 230/400V

  • Supply Voltage/fuse 230V 1~ 16A
    (13A OK for most use)
  • Max Severance cut capacity 20mm steel
  • Clean quality cut up to 15mm
  • Pierce capacity 9mm
  • Max cutting power output 5KW
  • Max cut speed 6mm steel 1100mm/min
  • Max cut speed 10mm steel 520mm/min
  • Max cut speed 15mm steel 260mm/min
  • Min generator rating for 3/4 output 4KVA
  • Recommended generator rating 5.5KVA
  • Air pressure & flow rate 65-70 psi 3.5CFM
  • Duty cycle at 1/2 power & below 100% continuous
  • Duty cycle at full power 40%
  • Weight approx 34kg
  • Machine size (steelwork size) 250mm x 420mm x 500mm This machine can be used on lower input supplies with reduced cutting capacity, 16A to 60% cut power, 13A plug to around 50% cut power.

Main features all models;
Superior cut quality with really clean stright edges on all materials from the thinnest sheet right up to max capacity.
Cuts clean or dirty & rusty material just as well, steel, galv steel, stainless steel, hardox, aluminium, brass, copper etc
Thermal gouging function allows the operator to gouge away material efficiently, ideal for removing welds, fastenings, edge plates brackets etc
Thermal arc heating function allows the operator to apply direct thermal arc heating similar to using gas bottles but using only air & electric!
Energy efficient design 90%+ efficiency means you get more cutting power for the lowest input power.
Class leading air consumption, as much as 50% lower than competition means only a small compressor needed & the lowest possible fumes.
Bullet proof design means this machine will be unaffected by varying input power or unstable generator.
20 foot torch for cutting, & thermal heating/gouging, uses long life low cost consumables.
Now rated to IP23S protection so can be used outside in the rain or in your workshop.
Built in air filter to help trap moisture & particles with regulator & pressure gauge to allow easy setting of air.
NON HF design means these are safe for use on vehicles & around IT based equipment.
Built to last in Great Britain! to BS EN60974-1, BS EN60974-10, RoHS, weee & CE marked!


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