Kemppi Mig Kempact 323R (£2000.00 exc VAT)


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Compact 323R, 320A, 35% ED 400V, 3PH FE (MC/CF) V1.0 DURATORQUE KIT Inc GX203G35 Torch

Designed for the modern welding workshop, Kempact RA expresses stylish and purposeful design through high build quality and functional user benefits, making weld tasks productive, accurate and efficient. Kempact RA is built on Kemppi’s latest power source platform, ensuring optimal welding performance and excellent power cost efficiency. Eleven model options include 180, 250 and 320 ampere power sources, including a choice of either Regular (R) or Adaptive (A) control panel interface, which serve the wide ranging needs of metal fabrication workshops. Delivery specification includes welding gun and earth return lead pack.

Key Benefits
• Modern, energy efficient power source
• Excellent welding performance with mixed or C02 shielding gas
• Precise, clean arc ignition
• Maximum output at 35 % duty cycle
• Large, clear LCD display
• WireLine™ service indicator
• GasMate™ chassis design featuring floor level cylinder loading
• Brights™ cabinet lighting
• HotSpot™ heat treatment function
• 2T/4T gun switch latching
• Spot and cycle arc timer
• Parts storage trays
• Kemppi 3+ warranty

Technical Spec