Extractability ProtectoScan EDI (£2400.00 exc VAT)



The ProtectoScan EDI is an Environment Detection Instrument (EDI) that provides intelligent, data-driven protection in the industrial workplace. An indoor air monitoring instrument that measures and records real-time data for dust/fume particulate, noise, temperature and humidity, EDI catches the eye with an
LED traffic light display, alerting users to any notable issues, giving users instant feedback and a visual representation of what is going on in their workshop.

Exposure to environmental hazards has always been difficult to monitor in the workplace, but the ProtectoScan EDI is about to change all that. It’s easy to see why the ProtectoScan EDI is independently certified. The continuous monitoring of air quality in the workplace can contribute significantly to protecting the health of employees by enabling employers to take appropriate measures and set up automatic integration of fans or similar devices. Just as essential for the employer duty of care is the Extractability service and provision of a full report and certificate of calibration for competent risk assessment.

Main features
• LED bar with traffic light function
• WiFi Antenna
• Ethernet connection
• Measures particle density, temperature, air humidity and noise
• Records real-time data, 24/7, 365 days a year
• Display and reading of the measurement data via dedicated
cloud-based WebApp
• Remote and manual switching on/off via WebApp
• 3 potential-free switching relays to activate equipment/accessories