ProtectoAir Mobile Fume Extractor (£3250.00 exc VAT)



ProtectoAir is a BGIA approved mobile fume filter type UPF-BIA class W3 incorporating a separator. This mobile unit weighs only 130 kg and is supplied on swivel castors for manoeuvrability. A heavy duty long life mobile fume extractor for use with unalloyed steel, precious metals, galvanised material and
aluminium. Due to its manual cleanable filter the ProtectoAir is perfect for processes where large amounts of fume are generated.

Features a durable large surface area filter cartridge, complete with audible and visible filter monitor, rotational direction indicator and hour meter. The unit is capable of handling up to 3000 m³/hr and is complete with a 2, 3 or 4m 150mm diameter hose type arm with internal support structure. The unit has a 1.1 kW fan set in either 110v or 230v and is supplied with a 5m mains input cable and plug. The filter cartridge is pre-coated giving the filter an increased lifetime. The purified particles are collected in a dust collecting drawer and can be easily emptied and disposed of.

Technical Specification
Extraction Capacity = 3000 m3/h

Filter Efficiency = > 99%
Motor Power = 1.1 kW
Noise Level (nozzle installed) = 78 dB(A)