Oxford CUTMAKER 1000-3


Main features all models
– Superior cut quality with really clean stright edges on all materials from the thinnest sheet right up to max capacity.

– Cuts clean or dirty & rusty material just as well, steel, galv steel, stainless steel, hardox, aluminium, brass, copper etc
-Thermal gouging function allows the operator to gouge away material efficiently, ideal for removing welds, fastenings, edge plates brackets etc
– Thermal arc heating function allows the operator to apply direct thermal arc heating similar to using gas bottles but using only air & electric!
– Metal marking function for both hand & cutting tables, mark your logo, fold points, date codes etc.
– 1000 & 1300 models can also be used with Nitrogen instead of air to give best results on stainless steels.
– 1000 & 1300 models include a digital ammeter to display exact ouput power.
– 350, 550 & 700 models now include an accurate dial to show power setting in amps.
– Energy efficient design 90%+ efficiency means you get more cutting power for the lowest input power.
– Class leading air consumption, as much as 50% lower than competition means only a small compressor needed & the lowest possible fumes.
– Bullet proof design means this machine will be unaffected by varying input power or unstable generator.
– All models use 6M torches with long life low cost consumables.
– Now rated to IP23S protection so can be used in your workshop or even outside in light rain.
– Built in air filter to help trap moisture & particles with regulator & pressure gauge to allow easy setting of air.
– NON HF design means these are safe for use on vehicles & around IT based equipment.
– Easy fit CNC interface kit now available, upgrade for cutting table use etc.
– All CUTMAKERS are composed of over 95% metal with minimal plastics, built tough & kinder to environment.
– Built in Great Britain! Built to last! To BS EN60974-1, BS EN60974-10, BS EN60974-7, RoHS, weee & CE marked.