Oxford S-MIG 360-1

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The Oxford S-MIG range of MIG welding machines are built in Great Britain to the same high standards that Oxford machines are internationally renowned for. With a history dating back over 50 years, British made Oxford welding machines are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a long life span and excellent welding performance. The Oxford S-MIG range is different from any other MIG package available today.
During design & development we looked carefully at all faults & issues that occur with competitors MIG machines, the result is a unique range of machines that are very rugged & user friendly. For instance, MIG wire feed units get lots of abuse and are always the weakest link in a MIG package. Some feed units are large, heavy & clumsy. Cables & connectors on the rear fail, PCBs get damaged, panels get bent and some even use plastic wire feed systems.

The Oxford S-MIG wire feed units are different. We have a really compact & strong case design, the cables are really securely fixed into the feed unit (we have pull tested them to 200kg with no damage) and no electronics at all are fitted in the wire feed unit, we fit the PCB in the power source for best reliability. We only use all metal feed systems. These machines feature synergic control. This means the wire speed increases as the welding voltage increases, so once the wire speed control is set, changing the output voltage setting will change the wire speed automatically and no further adjustment of wire speed is normally necessary. This makes setting up the machine very simple.

Today, power consumption is an important factor, so we have designed these machines to be more electrically efficient than other brands with an unbeatable standby power as low as 25 watts & main transformer efficiencies of over 90% so you can be sure running costs are as low as possible. At the heart of every Oxford MIG power source is a substantial copper wound transformer fitted with robust rotary switches with metal shafts and an overrated rectifier to give unbeatable durability.