Oxford MIGMAKER 200-1

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With a history dating back over 50 years British made Oxford welding machines are internationally renowned as one of the best in the industry. They are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a very long life span & excellent welding performance. These British made Oxford MIG machines are of course built to the same standards using the highest quality components throughout. At the heart of every Oxford MIG is a substantial copper wound transformer fitted with robust rotary switches & an overrated rectifier to give unbeatable durability. All models are fitted with an industrial wire feed system & motor to guarantee virtually unstoppable feeding of all wires. Welding performance is superb: Our CAP+ technology ensures excellent arc starts & very smooth almost spatter free welding: Models up to the 240-1 have a unbeatable 20 amps min current to help prevent burn through on thin metal such as automotive panels. These machines are designed to be more electrically efficient than other brands with an unbeatable standby power of just 25 watts & main transformer efficiencies of over 90%.