Oxford TIGMAKER 250E

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These models are based around highly acclaimed CUTMAKER PLASMA machines. This is our Oxford Hybrid technology which uses a copper wound transformer & Mitsubishi PWM chopper technology to give infinite & precise electronic control of the output. Chopper based welding machines have been around for a few years but only on the biggest most industrial equipment, we have changed all that. The benefits of this chopper technology should not be underestimated, you get performance & efficiency comparable to a good inverter based machine but with the ruggedness, reliability & lifespan of a conventional machine. Whilst maybe not quite as light as an inverter the other benefits far outweigh. These machines weld as well as the very best German made inverters yet tolerate real world conditions such as grinding dust, moisture, knocks & drops & overvoltage spikes on the supply without problems therefore you can many times the lifespan of European or American made inverters & without the big expensive repair bills associated with complex inverter machines! Ideal for all welding applications, they are equally happy working outside in the rain, in the back of a van or in your workshop. Everything from repair & maintenance to industrial fabrication work. These models are ideal for all DC TIG/MMA applications, everything from repair & maintenance to industrial fabrication.

TIGMaker 250E dual voltage 230/400V

Supply Voltage 400 / 230V
Input fuse (slow)* 16A / 32A
Welding Range (amps) 5-250A DC
Duty cycle -35% @ 250 amps
Duty cycle -60% @ 200 amps
Min generator rating* 4.5kva
Size app (ex ext hardware) 260Wx520Lx420mm H
Weight approx 33kg