SifVac Industrial Vacuum (£1375.00 exc VAT)



The SifVac high-vacuum industrial system can deliver multiple forms of mobile extraction, including on-torch. It is an ideal modular unit that can be modified or purpose-built for specific applications to support the extraction of fumes and dust directly from the point of origin. When used in combination with the SifGun Fume Extraction MIG Torch, the extraction of MIG welding fumes and filtration of particles maximises the safety of the operator by eliminating fumes at source and before they enter the breathing zone.

Multiple configurations are available including a twin motor option for double operation and a brushless turbine motor for a continuous-rated, maintenance-free solution. Main features include an M-class filter with high-filtration efficiency and choice of a 15L or 20L detachable dust collection chamber. The ‘Dust Stop’ semi-automatic cleaning system allows the operator to clean the filter with ease, by simply lifting the flap on the chamber and all models include
castors for easy manoeuvrability. 110v or 230v Units are available and the optional HD Brush Kit means the SifVac can also be used as a vacuum cleaner.

Main features
• 110 or 230v availability

• Suction powered by a powerful single
phase motor
• Multiple configurations available including
a twin motor unit for double operation
• Metal Pre-filter stops sparks
• Integrated filter cleaning system
• Automatic Stop/Start available
• Choice of 15 or 20 litre detachable dust
collection chamber with handle
• All models feature an M-class filter for high
filtration efficiency
• Castors for easy manoeuvrability
• Optional vacuum brush kit