WAKE-WELD 400S 400 AMP MIG Package

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A heavy duty rugged range of MIG welding machines designed for all industrial welding applications.

These machines are designed and manufactured in Great Britain using high quality components to industrial standards. This range of machines offers the user excellent welding performance with minimal spatter and a soft stable arc throughout the range. We believe in keeping welding machines simple wherever possible, so on the front panel you have all the controls needed to put down quality welds time after time but we don’t fit pointless knobs & switches! From 2015 onwards we have added an optional digital readout of amps & volts to enable compliance with EN1090 (structural steel CE marking) & for working to ISO9001 quality standards etc & strict welding procedures.

At the heart of every machine is a large copper wound transformer & other heavy duty components all constructed in a robust powder coated steel case, this ensures these are the most solid & reliable range of compact MIGs available, with thousands sold over the last few years. We guarantee these machines will have the lowest long term maintenance costs of any similar machine in the industry & we have the best long term back up with all parts available for a minimum of 20 years.

Main Features
– Good range of volt steps for very fine adjustment of power.
– Supplied with Digital meters.
– Super smooth welding characteristics through the range.
– 100% copper wound transformer with 5 year warranty.
– Very high duty cycle.
– High efficiency of over 90% to minimise electric usage.
– Easy setting infinitely variable wire speed control.
– Torch trigger latching fitted as standard.
– Adjustable electronic burn back.
– 2T / 4T trigger functions.
– Wire inch & gas purge functions.
– Industry standard euro torch connection.
– Can be used with all wire and spool sizes.
– Very strong chassis & steel case.
– Large 250mm wheels & HD front casters
– Voltage switches have steel shafts not plastic like competitors
– Quality wire drive system and powerful motor.
– All models have an all metal 4 roll drive.