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Our best selling MIG range. All models are built with a copper wound main transformer, rugged switch gear, over rated rectifier & fan cooling all built onto a 2.0mm steel chassis. Built to give you performance, reliability & importantly a really long life. The MIG wire is loaded just under the lid giving much better & easier access for the operator. OXFORD cap+ technology ensures a very smooth weld condition on all materials, steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc. Our simple yet robust PCB precisely controls all functions including super smooth motor speed control, motor braking & burn back control with internal adjustment possible. A good range of carefully selected voltage steps are fitted to MIGMAKER models so you get the setting needed for every job. Every MIGMAKER model now starts at 20A minimum, allowing you to weld everything from the thinnest automotive panels upwards. So even the 330-1 model will go right down to weld car panels. Like all OXFORD models our energy efficient design means lower operating costs. Rugged reliable compact MIG machines with simple no nonsense controls. Great welding performance, simple build & easy maintainance, everything you want from a machine designed to weld & nothing you don’t want. 1000’s sold over the last few years!

MIGMAKER 180-1 – 230V ideal for automotive work, sheet metal fabrication & maintenance. Works from a 13A plug for most applications. RRP

Technical Spec
Supply Voltage = 230V
Welding range (amps) = 20-180
Duty cycle -35% @ 110 amps
Duty cycle -60% @ 85 amps
Voltage Steps = 6
Mig wire range = 0.6-0.8mm
Fuse rating slow blow = 13A/16A*
Min generator size* = 3KVA
Size app (ex rear wheels) = 350Wx720Lx570H
Weight = approx 48kg

Standard features: Infinitely variable wire feed speed with semi-synergic control, built in motor brake & burn back. Energy efficient design. Oxford Cap+ technology ensures a very smooth stable arc, with the best arc starting. Very low minimum of 20A great for the really thin jobs + much more! Options; Reverse polarity function for running gasless wire, spot weld timer.