Binzel Abicor FEC RAB Grip HE (£2482.50 exc VAT)



Harmful welding gases are created during welding. The new FEC (Fume technology is the ideal system supplement for ABICOR BINZEL fume extraction torches such as the new RAB GRIP HE (High Efficiency). It combines the highest suction output and intelligent, energy efficient functions with simple handling. The FEC works with the highly efficient cyclone technology and separates particles upstream from the filter. Therefore, requires less cleaning.

Main features
Cyclone technology for particle pre-separation to protect the filter surface – reduced cleaning intervals.
Integrated filter cleaning concept – permanent filter can be cleaned easily and quickly.
Contamination-free waste disposal of the welding dust by encapsulated de-dusting system and bag
With 25 kg and smooth-running full-cushion wheels perfect for variable application sites.
Robust & quiet due to thick-walled plastic case.
Integrated automatic start-stop system reduces operation expenses and wear.
Optional with start-stop-measuring caliper.

Technical Data
Max. air flow: 230 m³/ h
Connection diameter: 50 mm
Max. vacuum: 19,000 Pa
Noise level: 76 dB (A)
Voltage: 115 V, 50/60 Hz / 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Engine performance: 1.1 kW
Filter: Permanent filter dust class H13, 0.8 m²

Additional information

Dimensions 590 × 425 × 825 mm