Binzel FES 200 W3 Fume Extractor C/W RAB 36 HE (£2358.75 exc VAT)



The Fume Extraction System FES-200 W3 – for optimum extraction of contaminants with fume extraction directly at the arc. The high-vacuum extraction unit FES-200 W3 with the RAB GRIP torches constitutes the perfect system to extract welding fumes most effectively. Hence, the welder and his environment are best protected, and the most productive work enabled. The FES-200 W3 was developed specifically to meet the demands of chrome and nickel material joining, and is certified by the Institute of Work Safety with the W3 license for all welding applications or related procedures with emissions suitable to KMR / 1.2 material2. Thus, this device enables the filtering of the exhausts, and work to be conducted without these otherwise harmful effects.

Main features
IFA certified W3 approval.
Compact design, weighs approx 23kg.
Automatic Start/Stop function included in basic equipment.
Integrated manual filter cleaning system for longer uses.
A filter contamination meter; only clean when necessary.
Acoustic signal if cleaning is required.

Technical Data
Max. air flow: 200 m³/ h
Connection diameter: 50 mm
Max. vacuum: 19,000 Pa
Noise level: 65 dB (A)
Voltage: 115 V, 50/60 Hz / 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Engine performance: 1.1 kW
Filter: Permanent filter for dust class HEPA H13
IFA Certified W3 License: Yes
Audible Alarm: Yes

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 630 × 210 × 590 mm